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Origin Aluminium Internal Door

Radcliffe Glass & Windows supply Steel Look Internal Doors and the Origin OI-30 internal door is one of our latest additions to our Range and Origin’s.

With the Origin Aluminium Internal Door, you can completely personalise and modify to your needs, down to the last detail, to create the door design of your dreams.

Why not visit our showroom and take a look at the doors in person, we know you will fall in love with them. Product on Display is a Jet Black OI-30 with Satin Brass Knurled Handles for the wow factor.

Features Of Origin Aluminium Internal Doors

The OI-30 is a timeless option for creating separate spaces within a home. For example, you can use the OI-30 to break up your living space in a dining room or living room.

Our internal room dividers are also perfect for use in commercial settings, such as cafés, offices, restaurants and office spaces. They can bring sophistication to any surroundings – big or small.

Origin Internal Doors are wholly customised items that may be made to fit your size, preferred configuration, and accessory needs. Every door is composed of superior grade aluminium for a silent, faultless, and smooth experience, regardless of the door placement or whether you select a French Door, Single Door, Fixed Screen, or corner configuration. You can be sure that you’re getting something remarkable when you pick an Origin Internal Door to separate your area.

Trusted Experts As An Origin Premium Partner

We are proud to be in partnership with Origin to offer your the very best Aluminium Internal Doors

We’ll walk you through your options for configuration, colour, door frames, maximum sizes, and more. You can truly tailor the OI-30 to get the style you want thanks to a broad selection of customizable features and glazing options of 4mm, 6mm, and 6.8mm.

We have been installing them from Origin’s early days and are proud to be an Origin Premium Partner.

Featuring Truly Versatile Sizing Options

No matter where the door is located, you can easily create the ideal warm, private place thanks to the enormous size variety. Your door’s height and width options range from 2,500mm to 1,000mm, giving you countless design options for partitioning a home or business area.

Whichever size and configuration choices you select, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a high-quality, dependable interior door. In comparison to alternatives like upvc and timber, aluminium is a choice that is more robust. The OI-30 is completed with a flawless powder coating to endure exposure to UV radiation and the wear of regular family life.

Radcliffe Glass & Windows can help you choose the correct door to fit your needs, as the OI-30 has a range of configurations available for the single, french, corner and fixed doors to suit your desired aperture.

Choosing Your Perfect Colours

You’re sure to find your perfect shade with over 150 RAL colours to choose from. Origin’s extensive palette includes everything from bright red to slate grey so we can guarantee when you choose Origin Aluminium Internal Doors we’ll be able to help you find something that fits your taste, building style, or colour scheme.

The Origin OI-30 Range


The Origin OI-30 series offers fashionable statement pieces for partitioning a room that have a steel-look while adding an industrials feel to any environment. Origin have a wide choice of handle options, frame and door sizes, and more. Origins OI-30 Door designs are slick, contemporary, and eye-catching options for partitioning a room. They are offered in more than 150 RAL colours.
Radcliffe Glass & Windows can offer services for both residential and business applications using Origin internal doors. The single internal doors, like the rest of the Origin Home Collection, are constructed of incredibly robust, steel-look aluminium, guaranteeing a long-lasting and green way to divide a space.

Get the right finishing touch for your Origin Internal Doors

Give your Origin Internal Door the proper finishing touch.

All of handles are spring loaded, provide a variety of distinctive designs, and are made to last a lifetime. The vintage series, for instance, is a fantastic choice for doors in the Art Deco or vintage styles. The Contemporary handle line is designed for a sleek, contemporary style with no fuss or frills.

It is possible to get the Origin OI-30 with simply a handle to open the latch or with a thumbturn and release to open the lock. If you need extra privacy, such as when using your door as a door to the restroom or as a door to a home office where you don’t want to be disturbed, the locking option is a great choice.

The OI-30 from Origin divides your space while giving your home a more charming Georgian style. You can give your home that steel-look appeal with our aluminium doors. Depending on your preference, you can opt to have gridded, horizontal, or vertical lines or divisions.

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