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Steel-Look Aluminium Windows By Radcliffe Glass & Windows

Combining cutting edge technology with artisan designs and craftsmanship, Steel Look Aluminium Windows are striking but minimalist metal frames, featuring slim sight lines and the iconic grid-like designs, with styles that range from classic heritage to contemporary.

These versatile windows and doors have the ability to completely transform your home, letting in more light and creating luxury living spaces whilst still delivering thermal, security and weathering performance.

Designed With Elegance in Mind

Steel look windows seamlessly blend elegance with practicality by offering slim profiles and stylish glazed bars. These windows stand out with their lightweight aluminium frames, which naturally resist rust and corrosion. This makes them durable, low-maintenance options for any home, with slim frames that allow for stunning, unimpeded views.

Bespoke, Customised Windows

Customisation is straightforward, as each window is made to your precise measurements and specifications. Choose from various designs, colours and handle options to create the perfect look for your space. This bespoke approach ensures a seamless fit for your home, adding visual appeal and long-lasting performance. Choose our steel look aluminium windows for a touch of elegance in dependable, low-maintenance quality materials.

Meet Our Steel Look Windows Partners

We partner with leading brands to bring you the best in steel look windows. Our trusted partners include Aluco, Evolution, Origin, Sunflex and Bauhaus. Each partner is renowned for their craftsmanship and innovation, ensuring top-quality products for our customers. By collaborating with these industry leaders, we offer a variety of designs and functionalities to match your unique preferences. Take a closer look at our partners:

  • Aluco – Known for its high-quality steel look windows, Aluco combines style with durability. Their products feature slim sightlines, enhancing your property’s aesthetic without compromising strength.
  • Evolution – Evolution offers advanced aluminium windows that mimic traditional steel designs. Their windows are energy-efficient and available in various finishes to suit any home.
  • Origin – Origin specialises in customisable steel look aluminium windows. They provide a wide range of options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your requirements.
  • Sunflex – Sunflex excels in creating versatile steel look windows that suit contemporary and classic designs alike. Their innovative technology ensures both beauty and functionality.
  • Bauhaus – Bauhaus is a leader in steel look window design, offering sleek, modern options. Their robust and stylish windows make them a popular choice for modern homes.

Why Upgrade to New Aluminium Windows?

Upgrading to new steel look aluminium windows offers several key advantages. These windows deliver a sleek, modern aesthetic complementing traditional and contemporary homes. Aluminium frames are known for their durability and low maintenance, eliminating the need for frequent repairs and repainting. They also provide excellent insulation, enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and potentially lowering utility bills. The strength of aluminium allows for larger panes of glass, maximising natural light and offering unobstructed views. With these benefits, upgrading to steel look windows is a smart stylish choice. Here are some additional benefits of upgrading to new aluminium windows:

  • Enhanced Durability – Aluminium frames are robust and resistant to the elements. They won’t warp, rust, or corrode over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Energy Efficiency – These windows provide excellent thermal insulation, which helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. This can lead to lower energy bills and a more environmentally friendly household.
  • Low Maintenance – Aluminium windows require minimal maintenance compared to other materials. They don’t require frequent repainting or repairs, saving time and money.
  • Increased Natural Light – The strength of aluminium allows for larger panes of glass. This feature maximises natural light, creating bright, moving, inviting living spaces.
  • Modern Aesthetic – Steel look windows offer a sleek and contemporary design. They complement both traditional and modern architectural styles, enhancing curb appeal.
  • Improved Security – These windows come equipped with advanced locking mechanisms. This ensures your home remains secure, providing peace of mind.

Spread The Cost With Flexible Finance Options

We want to help you achieve your dream, within a budget that works for you.  So we have teamed up with Novuna Finance to provide some excellent funding options, so you can get your perfect aesthetic without having to wait!

So if you see something you like don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options.

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